Ms. Jones


*****Starting on 3/17/2020 You can find your History classes for NCT on Moodle. Please log in during the school day to complete work and converse with me*****
You can use the Taylor High School Online to interact with your teachers, your classwork is located on your teacher's individual Moodle Page. History work will be organized by the day of the week :) 

*Paper work is available if needed, please contact NCT at 853-1461*

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! 
 I am the High School Social Studies Teacher here at Noel C. Taylor. I am a graduate of Radford University, and I have been teaching in Roanoke City Public Schools for 10 years. I'm excited to start my 5th year at NCT. In my classroom students not only learn History, but are encouraged to really put themselves in the mindset of the given time period or locations we are discussing. They are also encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions about topics in a respectful manner, so that their peers benefit from our discussions. Hard work and positive behavior and participation are the keys to success in my classroom! You my contact me at school by phone(540) 853-1461 or e-mail