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Governor Northam ordered all schools close for two weeks due to COVID-19. During this time March 16 2020-March 27,2020 instruction for your student will continue online. Students will be required to attend class daily using Collaborate (video conferencing software found on Moodle) in order to count as present for each class. Classwork will be found on Moodle. Students will be held to the same expectations as if we were in the building, meaning attending class everyday, participating, and completing the assignments given via Moodle. If there are any questions please feel free to email me jjbrown@rcps.info or call the school (540)853-1461


Welcome back to another exciting school year here at Noel C. Taylor Learning Academy!

My name is Jessica Brown and I teach Marketing, Business, and Finance for high school. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and this is my seventh year teaching at Noel C. I'm so happy to be back for another year and am excited to share the world of Finance, Business, or Marketing with my students. In their respective classes your student will learn about the various aspects of business and will relate the content to their lives, leaving as more informed young people. In each class students will work towards passing an industry certification test. In Economics and Personal Finance that test is the W!SE, which tests knowledge about financial concepts learned in class. In Principles of Business and Marketing and Sports and Entertainment Marketing, students will be taking Workplace Readiness. As we work towards passing the Workplace Readiness Test your student will become more prepared to enter the working world with knowledge of how to succeed in the workplace.

My goals for your student this year include:

  1. Gaining an industry certification towards graduation
  2. Learning more about their respective courses to become more informed young adults
  3. Having a little fun along the way

 If there's ever a time you need to contact me I can be reached by email at jjbrown@rcps.info or by phone at (540)853-1461.