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Ms. Briese

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I teach MIDDLE SCHOOL CIVICS AND U.S. HISTORY here at Noel C Taylor. This is my first year teaching in Roanoke but this is my third year overall. I am very excited to be teaching at Taylor! I am very familiar with the area as I am a 2017 graduate of Roanoke College. I love history and I love making it interesting and engaging for every student. We witness history every day just by living. Thus, learning about history is just as colorful as life! With hard work and dedication, all is possible. Without it, we are setting ourselves up to repeat the past. In this class we work hard to improve ourselves and learn from those who lived before us. My classes are not easy but with respect, hard work and thoughtfulness, students will rapidly grow, learn and become educated and well spoken historians! 

All class materials will be accessible through Canvas for the time being. *Paper work is available if needed, please contact NCT at 540-853-1461* 
I can be reached at [email protected]